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A few words from Avensians

  • I began my journey at Avensia as a Frontend Developer in 2013. Now, I´m a Frontend Lead Developer, where I hold the ultimate responsibility for the frontend code in my project. It feels like ages ago since I first joined, but I remember attending a women’s tech event for students organized by Avensia and thinking, "This is where I want to work!". Following that event, I did my master's thesis here, and I've been hooked ever since! The best thing about working at Avensia is the colleagues and the great atmosphere in the office. And the tasks, I love getting a sketch and then realizing it with code. And since every customer is unique, I never get tired.

    Maja Lundgren

    Frontend Lead Developer, Avensian since 2013

  • After starting at Avensia as an intern, one of the things that still strikes me and makes me happy to come in to work every day is my amazing colleagues. From everything regarding our work; like the technical know-how, willingness to help and the strive to always be better - but also the social parts with AWs, boardgame-nights and playing floorball. For me personally this works really well with my role as a Solution Architect where I can be part both of the technical nitty-gritty coding and the communication with our customers, i.e. the best of both worlds.

    Fredrik Östman

    Solution Architect, Avensian since 2016

  • I've loved Avensia ever since I joined. I've had the pleasure of working with many of our great customers, everything from fashion and beauty to office products. As a solution architect, I'm involved in detailing requirements and processes and realizing the technical solutions. Pair this with a strong culture, amazing colleagues, and an endless supply of coffee. It's simply the perfect mix!

    Johan Book

    Solution Architect, Avensian since 2014

  • I got a good feeling for the culture even before I started and also the possibility to work with different large ecommerce companies. The best thing about Avensia Is the people that work here, the culture is very good, and we have a lot of fun! I like to work with different customers and to see the customer satisfaction after we have developed something. I also like that everyone here is very helpful and knowledgeable so when you get stuck you always get help from a nice colleague.

    Anton Thelandersson

    Backend Lead developer, Avensian since 2019

  • I was first hired as a software developer and after 18 months, I was promoted to Senior Developer. I was first hired as a software developer and after 18 months, I was promoted to Senior Developer. Later that same year I was offered the role as a Business Advisor. I think that my career transition clearly illustrates how Avensia encourages personal and professional development. We have a team-oriented atmosphere and a good work-life balance. The camaraderie among colleagues is strong, and there’s a culture that encourages generating and discussing new ideas. Each day offers a different challenge and an opportunity to grow. Avensia is a fantastic place to build a career!

    Chandra Mae Montilla

    Business Advisor, Avensian since 2020

  • I joined Avensia because of the company’s strong reputation in the e-commerce industry. I was impressed by the commitment to provide innovative solutions and the supportive and collaborative work environment. Additionally, Avensia’s focus on continuous learning and development aligns with my career goals. The company culture at Avensia is supportive and inclusive, and the team is incredibly talented. I appreciate the opportunity to learn from my colleagues and to contribute to the company’s success.

    Christian Evensen

    Senior Commerce Advisor, Avensian since 2023

  • I was thrilled when I had the opportunity to join Avensia! I got the impression that Avensia was a great employer with a very positive company culture, caring for real about both employees and customers. This has proven to be accurate, again and again. I was also very excited to become part of a great team of UX experts and to get to focus on customer centric design for modern commerce.

    Anna Lewerth

    UX Designer. Avensian since 2022

  • The colleagues and cross-project collaboration are also major advantages – we help each other, and the projects are not isolated silos, whether we're working remotely or in the office. You will always find someone to discuss ideas and solutions with, and in my experience, that someone will always be very skilled at what they do and eager to help.

    Erik Lindvall

    Solution Architect, Avensian since 2016

  • I am a person with a lot of energy and like to be involved in many different things - both in my private life and at work. At Avensia I get the opportunity to work with many different things, interact with a lot of people and I feel I can really make a difference. There is a large degree of freedom in my role and so many smart and engaged people to cooperate with. I am learning a lot and I really feel that I have the best employees and colleagues here, and that is why I am still with Avensia after all these years!

    Sofie Persson

    Director of Development, Avensian since 2017

  • It is a fantastic experience at Avensia, working with Multi domain MDM system and solving customer problem. The client business case can make things difficult, but we've been able to overcome these obstacles by working together as a large team and with the help from the internal team. We, being Avensians love challenges and go the extra mile.. We believe in shaping the ideas of the customer to dream come true. At Avensia, we believe in balancing work and play, which is why many of us are taking up Padel in the evenings.

    Rupesh Maheshwari

    Solution Architect, Avensian since 2019

  • As a Business Advisor, I work closely with clients creating business value within the Information Management domain and supporting their commerce and business strategies. I particularly enjoy mastering the synergies between business value and technical solutions and every project is a new, exciting challenge. One of the best things about Avensia is all the great people. My co-workers are driven, fun, and extremely talented with experience from wide horizons of competence. At Avensia, teamwork is key, and “sharing is caring” is truly the guideline of our everyday work.

    Therese Boger

    Business Advisor, Avensian since 2018

  • When I joined Avensia, I was struck by the supportive and collaborative work environment that I discovered. I thrive in my role as it constantly presents new challenges for me to tackle and overcome. I feel challenged and encouraged to learn and grow and I am proud to be a part of a company that makes a difference in the industry, is committed to employee growth and is dedicated to delivering the very best solutions to their clients.

    Sondre Kåsa

    Sales Executive, Avensian since 2020

  • I was told that the people are the best thing about Avensia and I cannot disagree. Everyone is so friendly and positive it’s a pleasure to work with them. But not only this - they are also all skilled at their craft and care about what they do. I am always learning from them and being challenged by their experience and perspectives, and this makes coming to work fun. That and the steady stream of coffee.

    Colin Ingram

    Product Achitect, Avensian since 2021

  • Avensia is a company at the forefront of E-Com and compared to my previous jobs, a very agile and modern workplace. The colleagues are the best, and I felt like one in the family from day one. In my role, I get to work with everything from hands on testing, test automation, and requirements. I have a close and personal dialogue with the customers and have great freedom to shape my role as QA Lead. I learn new things every day, constantly improving my skills!

    Markus Weber

    QA Lead, Avensian since 2021

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